The BOS Way…….

Our recruiters assess the job seeker’s past experience, and then we use behavioral techniques to determine what their needs are for their next career position. This helps to ensure a good fit between them and your company.

We have the resources to access a variety of skills using practical, written evaluations and computerized testing. At your request, we can administer any additional test.

We administer more than just an employment verification. We work intensely to uncover as much information as possible to make a sound hiring decision. At your request, a written report of reference data is available to you.

Many staffing firms do not go through the process of conducting a background check and verification on every candidate. At Sadarami, we have an investigator on staff to ensure that every candidate is thoroughly screened. This gives you peace of mind and helps to protect your organization against any potential negligent hiring.

We will conduct a pre-employment drug screen at the client’s request. These screenings will be conducted prior to the start of the job seeker’s assignment.

We can provide our clients with additional services such as DMV checks, credit checks and educational checks upon their request.