Bright Outsourcing Staffing Referrals
Companies spend several thousands of dollars each year on search boards, ads, and search engines, etc. to hire top talent. In many cases it can be a long and rigorous process. At Bright Outsourcing and Staffing (BOS) we believe that while there are many ways to attract talent, personal references still continue to be a viable resource. Personal referrals account for approximately 20-30% of the work force today.

With this in mind, BOS has initiated a bonus referral program for its employees and this is how it works.

When an existing employee of BOS refers a candidate to BOS who is hired and works with a placement company for 1 month at 25 hours minimum per week the employee who made the referral will receive a $200 signing bonus.

We don’t stop there should the same hired candidate continue working a minimum of 25 hours per week up to 3 months. The same employee who referred the candidate will receive an additional $100.

So for one referred candidate an employee could receive a total of $300 within the 1st three months of the candidate’s employment.

There are no limits to how many candidates an employee can refer!