Do you want to grow your business?
Do you want to secure a contract from a potential client?
Are you an existing business and want to boost your sales?
Are you an existing business that has a sales team and
want to maximize their sales efforts?
Are you a new start-up business and need a sales
professional but do not have the finances to hire one?
Do you have a need for seasonal sales associates?
Do you need customer service representative or telemarketers to market your business or product?
Does your leadership staff need additional business development training?
Are you launching a new or existing product and need an experienced sales team?
If you answered yes to any one of the above questions then Bright Outsourcing and Staffing (BOS) is the organization for you. With over 20 years in sales, marketing, business development and training BOS has the experience and knowledge to help your business grow.

We have helped fortune 500 companies down to a 1 man operation. No matter how large or small the organization we treat all of our clients the same. With the upmost respect and professionalism.

While our economy is still growing at a slow pace organizations are looking for strategic ways to maximize its production and profits. BOS allows clients to contract an experienced sales consultant, associate or team. Clients won’t have the risk or hassle of hiring a sales professional or team. We do the hiring and we handle all payroll, workers compensation and benefits for our professionals. Clients can contract for a short period to fill gaps maintaining production or for a long period to launch a product.