Temporary Employment

Temporary employment provide workers to a variety of businesses via short-term contracts or indefinite temporary positions. From the employer’s point of view, temp agencies perform many of the duties of a company’s human resources department but may be able to do so more efficiently and have access to a wider applicant pool. Workers see temp agencies as a place that will put in the effort to place them in a job, even in a difficult job market. Plus, a temp job can be a foot in the door that leads to a permanent position.

Sometimes temp agencies are seen as a last resort, a place for unskilled workers to find low-wage jobs
However, today there are temp agencies that specialize in providing highly skilled contract workers in fields like medicine, technology, publishing, and engineering. These agencies provide flexibility for both employers and employees.

Temp agencies have their critics, however. They see temp agencies as cost-cutting measures that allow companies to use workers without providing vacation time, health insurance or other benefits. This practice, they say, contributes to the erosion of job security in modern job markets.

Direct Hire

Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full time positions with benefits. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes the staffing company to find the talent, then hires them directly. A candidate offered a direct hire position is not an employee of the staffing company, but goes directly on the client company payroll.